Wireless Remote Control is Comfort in the Palm of Your Hand

Wireless Remote Control is Comfort in the Palm of Your Hand




For many active families, heating and cooling needs change throughout the day. A programmable thermostat is a great option to adjust your home’s temperature at set times each day of the week. But what about those un-planned moments when you need a quick and simple way to change the temperature?

We are excited to let our customers know about a new option for your heating and cooling needs. Wireless remote control for your thermostat! With a range of 26-30 feet, the wireless controller serves as a handheld thermostat. Giving you the ability to control your temperature and even the speed of your fan; all from the palm of your hand. The remote features a set point display. Giving you the ability to set the exact temperature at any point throughout the day. (And for our customers with small children, not to worry. The remote comes with a lock function to ensure little Timmy doesn’t turn your home into a tropical island!)

The next time Aunt Margaret stops by for a surprise visit, hand her the remote control to keep herself comfortable while the family is at work and school. On pizza night with the oven on and family all around, you may want a quick option to turn the heat or air down and keep everyone comfortable. The control offers a quick fix to adjust the temperature and keep you where you belong: with your family.


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