Why Filter Change is Important in Spring

Why AC FILTERS Change is Important in Spring




It is very important to be able to use the air conditioner as well as the heater in your home during spring time. Because temperatures keep fluctuating around this time of year in Canton, GA.  Keeping your home comfortable is a number one priority. There is an increase in pollen which aggravates springtime allergies and air filters help in reducing the allergens that enter the home. This is why all filters should be checked. They should also changed so that they function safely and well.


The following are the reasons why changing an air filter is so important. For fresher, healthier, cleaner air- everyone in the house needs fresh air, especially the elderly, children and most importantly those people suffering from asthma or allergies. Changing the air filter ensures that the circulation of dust mites, dust, pollen or other harmful particles is eliminated. The filter purifies the air making it as healthy as it is clean.

Clogged air filters lead to clogged air systems which end up damaging the entire HVAC system.  Neglect and dirt are the main causes of air systems failures. It is therefore important to change the filters regularly.  A clogged air filter can cost the owner thousands of dollars in repairs and may just end up failing in the end.  Changing filters is therefore important to ensure you do not incur hefty repair costs and that there is clean air in the house.

When you change the air filter you can save on operating costs because a clogged air filter uses more energy compared to a new one. This basically means that a dirty filter results in a higher electricity bill.  A new filter will eliminate this and a family can save as much as 15% on utility costs.

Saving the environment- a dirty air filter releases a lot of carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gasses because the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) works twice as hard thus polluting the environment. Changing the air filter ensures that the home is eco-friendly and comfortable at the same time.

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Changing the air filter is important health-wise, economically and environmentally and should be made a priority in every home. Contact Green Heating and Cooling of Canton, GA for your filter changes.