Whole Home Humidifiers For Winter Canton GA

Replace Moisture In Your Home This Winter With Whole Home Humidifiers


Humidifiers Canton GA

When winter comes along, most people think first about keeping their house warm. But nearly as a big a problem is low indoor humidity. Especially in areas such as Canton, GA that are cold, but not freezing. Low humidity can cause a variety of health issues, including dry skin, scratchy throats and the increased chances of a nasal infection.

Most people think they might need a humidifier, but they aren’t sure which one will work best. Room humidifiers aren’t usually sufficient for long term use.  Warm mist humidifiers provide a warm mist into the room and they can also slightly warm the individual room’s temperature. While they can be a good choice if you need to introduce medication into a child’s room, they aren’t practical for an entire house. Cool mist humidifiers work much the same way, but they don’t have a heating element and can tend to slightly lower the temperature of the room.


Steam humidifiers can be the best compromise and the ones from Honeywell or Aprilaire have several convenient extras that will make the process much easier. These units use two electrodes to turn water into steam, which is then introduced into the room. Like warm mist humidifiers, the Honeywell or Aprilaire steam humidifiers can be used to introduce medicine into the room. But the steam versions leave the room feeling a bit less like a sauna.

You can purchase individual humidifiers for just one or two rooms, but if low winter humidity is an ongoing concern, you might want to consider a whole-house humidifier. These units cover the whole house through the furnace duct work. They can either be installed to an existing heating set-up or included as part of any new heating upgrade. They work by passing air through a slightly wet pad, which produces a slightly moist air flow into every room of the house.


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