When should I replace my Air Conditioner?

When should I replace my HVAC system?




“When should I replace my HVAC system?” is a popular question. No one wants climate control problems or a faulty unit. Several factors determine your proper course of action.

The following questions are all relevant:

  1. Age and size of the existing unit: Does your current air conditioner run continuously or almost not at all, regardless of the thermostat temperature? Is the system old? Is it noisy? Do you sometimes need to lower the thermostat for action? Have you added on to the building?
  2. Uneven air flow: Do various rooms seem to be cooled unevenly, as if there might be some ductwork trouble or a motor issue?
  3. Utility bills: Are your utility expenses high, or even growing year by year, possibly due to the air conditioning system’s inefficiencies?
  4. Backup plans: Are you and your family ill-prepared to face a broken-down unit this summer? Do you have poor contingency plans, or none at all?
  5. Peace of mind: Do you ever worry about your air conditioning system or heating system? Do you really wish you had a new air conditioner?
  6. Finances: Can you afford to pay for or finance a new unit? (It is much easier and less expensive than you might think.)

As you might expect, a couple or more YES answers could be a tip that you should consider contacting Green Heating and Cooling in Canton, GA to have the system evaluated, and the seasonal energy efficiency ratio determined. You might need to replace your system.

In even the middle-run, it pays to install an efficient, new HVAC unit. The energy cost savings alone will eventually pay for outlay, and the value of your family being comfortable and having peace of mind is priceless, right?

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