Thermostat Replacement

Is it time for a Thermostat Replacement?

A thermostat can influence your home’s comfort in many ways. However, if your thermostat is not working properly, you could be losing energy and allowing your system to work harder than it needs to. Green Heating & Cooling can provide our customers with new Bryant smart thermostats that allow you to program your home’s temperature from anywhere.

Thermostat Replacements and Upgrades

When it comes to upgrading your thermostat, Green Heating & Cooling, a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, can recommend and install a variety of Bryant thermostats. In addition, our technicians are trained in providing our customers details on their options and what may benefit their home the best. Bryant carries three lines: Evolution, Legacy, and Preferred. These smart thermostats can provide different features for whichever kind of system you may have in your home. You do not need a whole new system to upgrade your thermostat; we can visit your home to give you prices, recommendations, and quotes on a new thermostat.

Signs Your Old Thermostat May Need Replaced

Have you been struggling to keep your home comfortable? Are you tired of fidgeting with the thermostat every morning? You may need an upgrade. Here are a few telling signs of an outdated product.

• Your thermostat is over ten years old. Thermostats aren’t made to last much longer than a decade, so age can be a good indicator of when to replace them.
• Your thermostat reading is incorrect. Your thermostat may be broken if it is not reading the right temperatures.
• Your system won’t turn on and off when prompted. If the system isn’t following the thermostat cues, there could be an issue!
• Your monthly power bill is higher than normal. An overworked system will cause increased energy use, and it could be due to an inefficient thermostat.
• The thermostat is fluctuating through different temperatures. If the system isn’t holding true to the readings, the thermostat could be playing a role in the inconsistent temperatures.

Benefits of a Programmable Thermostat

We wouldn’t recommend a product to our customers if we didn’t think it was worth the investment. Year after year, programmable thermostats become easier to work, more efficient, and provide new features to add to the HVAC system. Here are just a few features you can enjoy with a new thermostat.

• Save money. Your new thermostat will work much more efficiently by holding consistent temperatures and turning them on and off when needed. This can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your power bill! You will quickly recover the cost of the thermostat through your savings.

• Program from anywhere. The WIFI enabling feature allows you to change the thermostat from the comfort of your couch or coming home from vacation. This easy change leaves your family always comfortable and allows you unlimited access to the HVAC system. Ever leave for vacation and forget to turn off the AC? A smart thermostat will solve your problem!

• Zoning capabilities. Some programmable thermostats can apply different temperatures to different areas of the house. Leave arguing over the temperature behind! Each zone in your home can be set to the desired temperature to keep everyone happy.

• Track your energy use. New technology allows you to see how much energy has been used throughout the month to ensure you aren’t expending more energy than you would like. These thermostats encourage you to save energy and power by optimizing HVAC usage.

• Prolong your system’s life. An efficient thermostat means an efficient system. The harder your system must work to achieve the desired temperature, the quicker its parts will wear out. Having new technology allows your system to live a longer, healthier life!

Green Heating and Air Can Help You!

These benefits could make your life easier, so call us today to get more information. Our office staff and technicians are ready to point you in the right direction for your HVAC system. In addition, we offer in-home quotes, pricing, Bryant thermostat options, and thermostat repairs if you aren’t ready to replace them. As always, we are excited to serve you and your home!