Summer Heat Calls for a New AC

Is the Summer Heat Calling for an AC Replacement?

Nobody loves a hot home in the middle of August in Canton, Georgia. If your HVAC unit is on the fritz, or is older than ten to fifteen years old, it may be time to look into new AC. At Green Heating and Air, we want our customers to make it through the summer comfortable and cool. Don’t let an old HVAC system ruin your summer fun. Let Green Heating and Air come inspect your system to determine its lifespan and the best option for you and your family. We offer heat pumps, air conditioners, and ductless split systems. Replacement of your system will bring you the stress-free, peace-of-mind feeling you have been craving! Stop worrying about that old system and take those next steps for your home today.

Benefits of A New AC

We are ready to help you take the next steps, but you may wonder what the benefits of installing a new system are. Even if your system isn’t completely dead, old systems can cost a lot of repair money, and are unpredictable on how much longer they will last. Here are a few benefits of a brand new, high-quality HVAC system.

Cooler Air:

You may notice that in the hottest months your system struggles to keep up with the set temperature. This is a sign of an aging system, especially when repairs don’t even fix the issue. A new system can bring you the perfect, cool air you have been waiting for!

Lower Cost Energy Bills:

Have your power bills increased dramatically? When you run the A/C, you use substantially more power. However, if your system is old or struggling to keep the temperature, it may be due to the unit constantly running. A well-working system should not run all day. The newest systems are built to minimize electric use throughout its lifetime. Investing in a new system saves you money on those pesky power bills!

Better Air Flow:

Many complain about specific rooms in the home not receiving the same amount of cold air or air flow as the rest of the house. This is not normal and is a common symptom of a failing system. With a new unit, you will experience the same high-quality air in every room!

Cleaner Air:

Have you noticed excess dust recently? Eventually, old systems lose the ability to filter the air completely and your floors and vents may accumulate more dust. This can be dangerous to those with allergies and can irritate anyone who spends significant time in the house. New technology has been revolutionized to provide high-level filter capabilities to keep the circulating air clean.

Less service calls:

Are you tired of calling the repair man? Consistent issues with the system become redundant, as old systems begin to need many new parts. If you have been repairing your system many times this year, it may be time to put your money towards something new.

Programmable Thermostats:

With a new system comes the ability to upgrade your thermostat. Nonprogrammable thermostats are a thing of the past. Watching a family movie and getting cold? Turn on the heat from the couch. Leaving for a trip and want to set the temperature after you leave and before you arrive? It only takes a touch of a button from wherever you may be.

Signs and Symptoms

Like the idea of the benefits of a new system, but want to be sure your system needs to be replaced? Here are a few key signs that you could use new equipment, or an inspection.

  • Loud Noises from the HVAC System
  • Warm Air
  • A/C won’t turn on
  • Inconsistent Temperatures
  • Lots of Dust In your Home
  • Bad Air Flow
  • Need for Service Calls
  • Old Age
  • Leaks in the System

These symptoms may be repairable, or we may recommend a replacement. Regardless of the diagnosis, don’t let these symptoms go untreated! Letting a broken A/C continue to run can drastically reduce its lifetime and cause a cascade of issues.

Call Green Heating and Air

Don’t wait for the heat of the summer to get any worse. Call us today for a quote! Our skilled and professional technicians are eager to visit your home and provide a free quote on your next AC system. We pride ourselves in our efficiency, integrity, and great customer service. We believe the customer comes first—any of your concerns or questions can be answered and solved. Our office staff is awaiting your call to set up your next appointment. Residents of Canton, Georgia have trusted us in their HVAC services for years, so you can too!