Solutions to Heating Problems

Solutions to Heating Problems




When taking care of your heating units, there are some common issues that might arise. Some you may be able to take care of on your own while others may need a professional technician from Green Heating and Cooling to help you solve the problem. Either way, you want to keep these in mind when you notice heating problems with your heating unit. It may be time for a heating repair or furnace repair, and these general issues may be the cause.

The filters in your heating unit can become dirty or clogged with debris. This could be a result of the unit filter not being changed often enough. If you notice that the filter is dirty, or the heating unit is having a hard time with air intake, then it’s time to change it.

Cold Rooms
If you notice that one room seems to be colder than the others, this could be a couple of things. One problem it might be is that it is not getting the heat to that area of the home. This could be clogged ductwork blocking the heat from getting there. It could also be that the heating unit is too small for your home size. In that case, you want a technician to do an energy audit and find the right group for your home.

Noisy Heating Unit
You might hear some noise coming from your heater or furnace, but it should not be loud or all the time. When you have a high heating unit it may be that a belt is out; there’s an air leak or some other issues. In this case, it is good to call a technician to help you handle the issue.

Furnace Malfunction
This can be due to the thermostat behaving badly because of faulty settings. Since there is no heat coming out of the system, the home’s overall indoor air quality can be compromised. Other problems include a tripped or blown the circuit breaker, faulty pilot light (dirty gas tubes and draft), and little gas or propane flow.

HVAC Services

These are just a few of the issues that are quite common in heating and furnace units. You want to make sure that you have these checked out and repaired if you notice any of them. They can help lengthen the time of your heating unit giving you lots of warmth. Call Green Heating and Cooling if you have a problem that you are not sure how to fix.