Simple Winter Heating Comfort Tips

Simple Winter Heating Comfort Tips


Winter Heating Canton GA

Winter is one season which brings about much discomfort due to its harsh weather conditions. The cold weather could also bring about diseases such as flus and pneumonia. Keeping your home warm hence becomes vital during this season. There are a number of ways to achieve this. Follow the heating comfort tips below and make your home heaven on earth even on the chilliest nights of winter.

1. Increase humidity indoors with whole home humidifiers.

As we all know from physics, the ability of air to hold heat is directly proportional to the humidity at a given temperature. This hence means the higher the humidity, the more warmth air can hold. The best way to increase humidity in your house is to fit the whole house with home humidifiers.

2. Find the Leaks in your ducts and fix them.

If you take your time to inspect your ducts that circulate warm air inside your house, you may be in for a big surprise. You could find huge holes in them which can even fit your hand! These hence means you lose up to 30% of the heat. Repairing these ducts can help boost your comfort especially during winter.

3. Winterize your windows.

This can be done by opening window curtains when it is sunny to allow in the sun’s warm rays and making sure all windows and their coverings are closed at night. You can also have the windows insulated with thick glass to increase heat retention inside the house.

4. Have your furnace serviced.

The heating system in your home is your number one weapon against cold during winter. Have it serviced to make sure it is working properly and effectively. Having it checked by professionals at Green Heating and Cooling in Canton is vital as they can also advise you on the appropriate upgrades you need to consider thus keeping your family warm and comfortable.


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