Remedies Frozen Air Conditioning Systems Canton GA

Remedies to Frozen Air Conditioning Systems



As you know, air conditioning repair in Canton, GA is a necessity during the warm days of spring and summer.  Why would your AC system need repaired?  Your air conditioning system may be faulty due to clogging or rather not giving you the right air flow that you desire this summer. It is not time to give up right away and budget for another. Here are some essential air conditioning repair tips that will guide/help when the unexpected happens.  You can try these at home first, but if you need AC repair help – Call Green Heating and Cooling of Canton, GA.


  • Inspect the Breaker
    • Do you know that electricity breakers can trip? This usually happens when the same breaker is used by several appliances. If you air conditioner does not come on at any instance, ensure that the breaker is returned to its right position.
  • Filter Change
    • Don’t wait until the unit’s filter wears out before you replace. Depending on the air conditioning manufacturer, there is a recommendation stating when you can choose to change the filter when it comes to air conditioning repair. Don’t wait until the cool air disappears then you think of replacing the clogged filter. Your AC system should not be left until it ices up; replace the filter more often.
  • Inspect the Ducts
    • It is not difficult to access your house attic. Check whether the ducts air flow (emission from ducts) is normal. If you can hardly feel any air, you will have to clean the ducts properly.
  • Remove any Ice Up
    • Whenever an air conditioner has a buildup of ice, the cooling process would be affected. To get rid of the ice up, all that you need to do is to turn off the system for some time. Leaving the fan to function when the system is off will hasten the process of removing the ice.


If you’ve tried all these great AC repair tips and you are still having trouble, please call Green Heating and Cooling at 770-479-2844.  Our repair technicians have many years experience and can solve your air conditioning problems.