Remedies Common Furnace Problems

Remedies to Common Furnace Problems


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There are many reasons why the furnace may fail to operate as you expect. This article highlights some of the common problems associated with furnaces.


If you want to lengthen the life of your furnace, then you need to replace the filters as regularly as possible. Replacing the filters monthly is recommended. If the filters are clean, there will be less restriction of airflow within the unit thus reducing strain on the equipment.


A thermostat is a very important component in the unit. It determines how much heat is to be dissipated and when. This means that if the thermostat is not working correctly, occupants may be uncomfortable. The unit may produce heat intermittently, or fail to give any heat altogether. Call a HVAC expert at Green Heating and Cooling in Canton GA to repair this component if you think that it is affecting the optimal operation of your furnace.
Wear and Tear of Mechanical Parts

The unit is made of several mechanical parts that are prone to damage. In case of wear and tear on these components, the furnace will not function normally. In some cases, you can identify this kind of problem from incessant noise whenever the furnace is on. For example, any faults in the belts and bearings will lead to irregular flow of air into the equipment. Consequently, the room will be either overheated or under-heated.

LACK OF PROPER MAINTENANCE – Common Furnace Problems

Regular maintenance of the unit is necessary for it to remain active and in good condition. If you do not take good care of the furnace, you will experience breakdowns. In addition, energy usage will increase, and the unit will generally perform poorly.

All these problems are avoidable if you handle the unit properly. Follow the maintenance schedules and look out for any anomalies in your furnace. Furthermore, engage the repair services of a qualified technician at Green Heating and Cooling in Canton GA for comprehensive care of your furnace unit.

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