Programmable Thermostat

Programmable Thermostat




Winter is a wonderful time, full of holiday festivities and also cheerfulness, but the spirit can be dampened with the bills associated with heating your home, by having a professional install a programmable thermostat, it will bring numerous benefits to you as a customer.

There are many programmable thermostats in the market, and therefore the efficiency with which they save your money will depend on the type of thermostat bought and whether there has been correct installation.

For proper installation; install the thermostat on an interior wall. This needs to be away from any source of heat or cold may it be the sunshine, door ways, fireplaces, windows or bright lamps and will require 2 -10 wires depending on the system you are using. It is essential to have the thermostat installed by a professional as electrical wiring fault can result to fire hazards or also short circuiting of the electrical equipment.

The thermostat’s available on the market, range from manual to automatic. Programmable thermostats are more accurate than the manual thermostats. They maximize on the efficiency of a system. One of the features being ‘thermal setback’ which gives you the alternative to adjusting the temperature according to your schedule. It has a daily and also weekly program settings. These let you adjust the air conditioner according to a preset schedule.

The smart thermostat needs special mention as they have recently flooded the market. You can view the temperature and also humidity in your home, adjust the temperature by switching between heating and cooling modes. The are programmed to match your regular schedules. They also view the energy consumption all this from anywhere in the world.

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