New Air Conditioner Unit Accessories

New Air Conditioner Unit Accessories


It is important for a home owner to consider some important accessories to add to their new air conditioning unit. These ensure it works properly and also efficiently.  Some of the important components of a functional air conditioning unit include; insulation, wiring, thermostat, refrigerant piping, condensate piping, flue piping, flue termination, chimney liner, slabs, filter, driers, grills, drain pans, evaporator coil, and also registers.


However, one of the most important items in a air conditioner is the air filters. When replacing an air conditioner; it is important to to see to it that one installs an air filter that best suits his needs. This is because there is a wide array of filters to choose from. Examples include; Allergy filters and nicer filters. A filter is attached to the return duct of the duct work. It should be placed as close to the furnace as possible.

Even though a thermostat enhances monitoring and also regulation of the temperature of the air, it would also be important to add a dehumidifier. It would be helpful in minimizing the humidity levels in a home enhancing a comfortable indoor environment. It also helps to alleviate musty odor.

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The indoor coil is also an important item as it is essential to maximize the performance of the system, its efficiency while also enhancing its energy saving potential. There is a direct relationship between the efficiency of the unit and the indoor coil performance. The heat pump is also an important item as it enhances heating or cooling of a space by transferring cold and hot air between two separate reservoirs. It is also necessary to have in place a variable speed furnace or air handler as part of the air conditioning unit, this will help to minimize the level of humidity in a home during changing climatic conditions.