Need Know- Flood Furnace Air Conditioning Units

What You Need to Know After a Flood: Furnace and Air Conditioning Units



It has been a hard year for many people across the United States. In North Georgia, we have experienced flooding in our communities. We care about our community. One way we can help is by helping you avoid further damage to your furnace or air conditioner unit after a flood.

Air Conditioner and Refrigeration Systems

  • You will need to replace all flooded ductwork.
  • Refrigeration systems are salvagable. This is after they are inspected and also sanitized properly.
  • Have parts have passed inspection. The system does not need to be replaced.

Your air conditioning unit may have a better prognosis. Their parts are a bit less touchy. They are also easier to sanitize. You will need a professional to check the wiriing and controls.

Do you have propane or a natural gas furnace? The flood damage can pose a serious danger. Valves and pressure gauges can become faulty. Always have a thorough evaluation by a professional before attempting to use it.

Gas Furnace Dangers

  • Flood water will corrode parts quickly.
  • Corroded valves and also parts can cause extreme dangers (fire/explosions).
  • Corrosion may not be immediately visible but still poses a danger.
  • Have a professional HVAC technician inspect your furnace before use after a flood.

Has the damage to the furnace and air conditioning units been checked? The technician will explain to you what needs to be replaced. They will also let you know why. Remember, all flooded units must also be sanitized. Which can be costly and also complicated. Many times replacing the units is more feasible and also more time-saving. Also, consider an upgraded energy-efficient model if you must take this route.

Were you were a victim of the recent flooding? Do you have any questions about your heating and air conditioning unit?  contact Green Heating and Cooling today. Our team is here to serve you. Trust our experience.