Leaking Air Ducts

Leaking Air Ducts



Most people never come to the realization that they could have leaking air ducts. In more cases than not, when an air conditioning system fails; it is hastily replaced without the mention of the total efficiency of the system. However, even after investing in a high performance AC system, your woes to total satisfaction might not be anywhere near the horizon. If the installation service did not include a comprehensive testing and sealing service; then you can rest assured that your troubles will continue.


One of the greatest problems of having a leaking air duct is the fact that it reduces the performance of the air conditioning system in your home. These systems rely heavily on using the pressure difference in the pipes. As a result, having a leak can mean that the results that should be achieved will always fall short.

As if that is not enough, the air conditioner in most cases will have to work extra hard to be able to minimize the effects of the air duct. In most cases, it does not work hard enough. But in its effort, its life span is shortened as the wear and tear increases. With continued use with the presence of an air duct leakage; your AC system is bound to fail sooner than later.

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The problem does not end there. Having a leaking air ducts can also be a serious hazard for the AC. Leaking ducts are highways to particles, lint and other materials that can find their way into the AC causing it to malfunction. You might find yourself having to call the repair service more than often to look at your air conditioning system if there is a duct leakage.

The AC is not the only one that will be suffering from the leakage. You will also feel the effects as it is approximated that such ducts waste about 40% of the system’s efficiency. That means a 40% higher consumption in power. Therefore, ensuring that you have frequent testing and sealing of your air ducts from a reliable Canton, GA service can be a great advantage for you and your AC as well.  Contact Green Heating and Cooling today to have your air ducts inspected for leaks!