Is Indoor Air Quality Important?

Why Indoor Air Quality Systems are important

Springtime brings excess allergens, dust, and also outside particles into the home. Did you know that these actually pollute your indoor air? With the kids and pets running in and out of the house, the one thing you should be sure of is that the particles coming in are not affecting the air you breathe. Most of the time, we don’t even realize how polluted our indoor air is; It is estimated that our indoor air is 2-3 times unhealthier than outdoor air. Green Heating and Cooling are here to help you make the right choices for your family’s health and also improve your IAQ with indoor air quality systems from Bryant.

The Upcoming Allergy Season

If you or your loved ones suffer from season allergies, you may see sunshine and also springtime as an obstacle. Seasonal allergies are here, and Green Heating and Cooling are ready to prevent those allergies from being even worse. Surprisingly, many of the sensitive allergens are so challenging because they creep into our homes and therefore circulate within our HVAC systems. When this happens, allergy victims are breathing in those particles both inside and outside, day and night. Green Heating and Cooling provides many services to reduce and eliminate these allergens.

How Green Heating and Cooling can Help!

If indoor air quality is new to you, let’s take your next steps to ensure your family is comfortable and safe. Green Heating and Cooling can provide a variety of options to improve your air quality. We install Aprilarie Whole-Home Air Cleaners to remove allergens and even bacteria, viruses, and smoke. Installing an ultraviolet lamp adds an additional line of defense. The ultraviolet light from the lamp kills any bacteria, viruses, or fungi in the air.

Zoning Your Home

Does your child ever complain of being extra hot or extra cold in their room? Along with having allergen-free air, you and your family can prioritize feeling “at home” by zoning your HVAC system. This is a tactic that Green Heating and Cooling use to ensure all areas of the house at the desired temperature and are receiving correct airflow. Not only does this make you more comfortable but zoning also prevents those dangerous particles from flowing throughout the entire house. Call Green Heating and Cooling today to set up a quote with an HVAC specialist.