Increase Energy Efficiency Winter

How to Increase Energy Efficiency This Winter


Winter Energy Efficiency Canton GA

Energy usage during winter in Canton, GA can be extremely high. However, if you use the following energy efficiency tips, you can save energy usage for the same level of comfort.


Even if closing curtains is one of the ways of reducing drafts, the effectiveness of this approach depends on the type of curtain you are using. Consider replacing your curtains with quilted ones for a warmer environment with less usage of heat energy.

When sunlight comes out during winter, you can use your windows to take advantage. Installing double-paned windows is famed as an effective way of saving home energy in Canton, GA. However, this may be an expensive venture, especially if you have many single-paned windows in the house. Using drapes or blinds and letting sunlight heat the room is a more affordable solution.

Storm windows are now available in the market and are good replacements for single-paned windows. You can use storm windows together with single-paned windows. Energy savings through this method can go as high as 50 percent. Unfortunately, these windows are not good for aluminum windows because of build-up of heat.


Weatherstripping the doors and windows is an effective way of ensuring maximum insulation of the home during winter. If you can be able to identify leaks in all corners of the home, this method can increase energy efficiency.

Sometimes there are drafts in the home’s ductwork but you can only detect them using a special tool. Once you have detected the leaking areas, you can fix them to increase energy efficiency.The patented Aeroseal diagnostic air duct system sealing process is the most effective, affordable, and viable method of sealing the central heating and cooling ductwork in your home. An energy expert at Green Heating and Cooling in Canton, GA can help you find hidden leaks in your ductwork.  By sealing the leaks, you can reduce duct leakage by up to 90%. Aeroseal will reduce your home’s energy consumption and fix ventilation issues resulting in energy savings.

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It is possible to increase energy efficiency in your home this winter. In summary, use the sun’s energy and take care of the ductwork leaks. Your home’s heating system will not have to work overtime for your comfort.  Contact Green Heating and Cooling in Canton at 770-479-2844 for your appointment.