Importance Of An Air Conditioner Tune Up

Importance Of An Air Conditioner Tune Up



Central air conditioning system helps to keep you house cool especially when you need it most during the summer. As high temperatures expected during the summer, you will surely appreciate all the benefits that come along with this system. But air conditioners can be become expensive in terms of repair when they break down. This breakdowns and expensive repairs are mainly attributed to negligence when it comes to tune ups and lack of proper maintenance. To save you from all those unnecessary costly repairs and replacements, consider the following information about a tune up.


Before the summer arrives, it’s important to invest in yearly air conditioner tune ups. Many HVAC companies provide tune-up services to make sure that your system is running at optimum energy efficiency. Air conditioner tune up involves tightening the electrical connections, cleaning the system, and lubricating the fans. Tuning up the air conditioner will make it more energy efficient. Having just 1/16 inch of dust accumulating on your central air conditioner’s blower wheel can reduce your system’s efficiency by 40% or more.

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Replacing the Air Filters
The air conditioner moves air inside your house in a regular cycle. It puts fresh air into the living areas and gathers old air and moves it back through the system. But before the air returns to the air handler near the furnace, it goes first through the air filter. The air filter confines airborne pollutants that may possibly damage the system. A clogged filter can put strain on your system, making it run inefficiently. It’s important to protect your air conditioner and keep its energy efficiency at a maximum level by changing its air filter every month.

Cleaning Your Return Air Ducts
Aside from changing the filters, it’s also important to clean the air ducts when they are clogged with dust, lint, and dirt that can block the flow of air, forcing the system to work harder and resulting in lesser efficiency. Each time you clean your room; vacuum the ducts to ensure that there is free flow of air in your HVAC unit.

The bottom line is if the air conditioning system is not thoroughly cleaned, it will deteriorate rapidly, drastically reducing its efficiency, as well as its lifespan. So, get your air conditioning system tuned-up once a year and keep the operating costs down.  Contact Green Heating and Cooling to set up an appointment today!