HVAC Zoning and Indoor Air Quality

HVAC Zoning and Its Benefits

Over the past decade or so, we’ve found that many of our Canton clients have greatly benefitted from HVAC zoning. Some of our clients were sold on the ability to even out the temps in their 2-story home. While other clients were looking for a way to effectively manage the temperature preferences of family multiple family members. HVAC zoning can simply do wonders for your overall comfort. If you’re shopping around for a new system, definitely consider the benefits of zoning.

What are HVAC Zones?

With HVAC zoning, a person’s home is divided into special areas called zones. These areas are heated/cooled separately and are controlled by individual thermostats. Special dampers are installed within the home’s ductwork, which aids in controlling the air to each zone. By installing a zoning system, homeowners can choose which rooms to heat, which rooms to cool, and when.

If you have ductless units, you can also take advantage of the benefits of zoning. By installing multiple ductless units, homeowners can effectively create their own zones in their home. And, homeowners can also purchase special thermostats to control the units via a smartphone app or remote control.

3 Primary Benefits of HVAC Zones

 Improve your comfort with zoning. The primary reason why people choose to install a zoning system is that they can dramatically improve their family’s comfort. Do you have members of your family who always seem to be cold? With a zoning system, you can keep them comfortable in their area, without making the rest of the family miserable. With zoning, it’s easy to keep certain rooms warmer and others cooler. This will help ensure everyone is comfortable at all times.

Improve your air quality with zoning. HVAC zoning can also help you manage your indoor air quality. These systems give you the ability to keep indoor allergens and contaminants at an absolute minimum. With traditional HVAC systems, particulates can freely move around your home. Zones typically recycle the air within one zone and don’t pick up air from the rest of the house. This can give you time to get rid of the contaminants before they can reach the rest of the house.

Use zoning to reduce your utility bills. Finally, zoning can reduce your energy consumption and help you save money. By eliminating battles over the thermostat and being able to balance the climate in multi-story homes, you can save time and money. And, if there are rooms in your house you rarely use, you can reduce the air flowing to that zone.

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