HVAC Tune-up Canton Georgia

HVAC Tune up Time Before Fall Season Starts



HVAC Maintenance

As the fall season quickly approaches, you need to begin preparing for the cold temperatures of winter. Your home’s HVAC system is a important component of you staying warm this winter.  How did your home’s furnace or heat pump perform last winter?  Regardless how it performed last year, a HVAC tune-up is recommended twice per year.  Heating and air conditioning failures can occur without notice.  In order to prevent such a surprise, tune-ups are essential.

In each heating tune-up, Green Heating and Air Conditioning of Canton, Georgia will perform these needed tasks.

  • Evaluate Indoor Air Quality
  • Evaluate Ductwork
  • Audio / Visual Inspection of Indoor Blower
  • Audio / Visual Inspection of Coil
  • Monitor for Proper Voltage & Amperage
  • Clean Condensate Line and Pump
  • Audio / Visual Inspection of Gas Heating
  • Monitor Safety Switches
  • Audio / Visual Inspection of Electric Heat
  • Evaluate Carbon Monoxide Level of Gas Heating

To schedule your home’s heating tune-up, call Green Heating and Cooling at 770-479-2844 today or schedule an appointment online. Trust our experience. We are here to meet and also exceed all your HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance service needs in Canton, GA. Call us today!