HVAC Filters for Allergy Relief

HVAC Filters for Allergy Relief




HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Air flow is what can make or break a system. Therefore the filters play a vital role in how efficient your system runs. It doesn’t matter if you are running the air conditioning in the summer or you are cranking up the heat in the winter both HVAC systems need the right amount of air flow to run efficiently. Dirty filters that have not been changed often enough result in higher energy bills and also big repair costs for owner.

Filters used in the heating, ventilation and also air-conditioning systems are known as HVAC filters. Indoor air pollution is one of the most harmful forms of pollution affecting every individual. Air filters help in reducing air pollutants like dust, smoke and also pollen in a particular area keeping the air clean.

There are different types of filters that can be used for these climate control systems. Filters that are used are rated by a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, or MERV value. Mechanical filters are the typical cheap filters that you can just toss once they get too dirty. They collect dust and dirt particles and some allergens from the air. Some filters are washable, but for the most part they are just tossed away and replaced with another one. The higher the MERV number a filter has the more effective it is at removing these particles of dust, dirt, and allergens.

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By using HVAC filters regularly and removing allergens and other pollutants, allergies and other such diseases can be kept at bay. People who are prone to asthmatic attacks and suffer from heart diseases are advised by doctors to
install residential filters so that they are kept away from infections. People in old-age homes and old people living with their families are especially susceptible to infections. As such, HVAC filters are absolutely essential in their homes. HVAC filters create a healthier environment.  HVAC filters really can work great when they are properly fitted, installed, and also maintained.

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