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Why are humidifiers important in the Winter




During winter season temperatures drop. This leads to lower humidity because cold air holds a lot less moisture than warm air. Canton, Georgia is a place where humidity can rise to as high as 94% in summer. It also drops to below 10% during winter. This drop in humidity can have adverse effects on the human body. Such as developing a cold and sinus infection. It also causes dry respiratory tissue in the body can develop infections. Low humidity also leads dry skin and hair and creates a conducive environment for viruses and germs to thrive in the environment.

Other problems caused by lower humidity that don’t necessarily affect human health include; low moisture in the air leads to house damage because walls and woodwork begin to crack and crumble leading to high repair cost. Higher levels of static in the air causes damage to electronic devices. Which results in unnecessary repair and also replacement costs. Last but not least is that low levels of humidity tricks the skin into feeling even colder than usual during the cold season. Which forces an individual to turn the thermostat even higher leading to higher energy costs.

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Possessing a whole home humidifier allows an individual to set the perfect humidity conducive to human health. Experts estimate to be between 40% to 50%. This prevents colds, respiratory infections and dry skin. Controlled humidity levels also means wood has just the perfect levels of moisture to prevent cracking in winter and mold during summer. Having a whole home humidifier allows an individual to lower humidity levels to 35% if window condensation begins to occur during winter.

A whole home humidifier will also prevent a bloody nose, dry lips, itchy eyes, sore throat and dry skin. Lower static in the home due to adequate moisture also means that damage to expensive home electronics can be significantly mitigated. Perhaps the greatest argument for possessing a whole home humidifier is the simple fact that it can save hundreds of dollars annually due to lower healthcare costs and lower energy costs because according to the EPA there is a 4% saving on heating charges for every degree of lowered on the thermostat.

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