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Heating Repair to Keep You Warm this Winter – HEATING REPAIR Canton, GA


Heating Repair – Canton, GA

Heating repair can be very tricky. Canton, Georgia tends to get extremely cold during the winter months. This is why doing a routine maintenance on your home’s heating system / furnace can help avoid unnecessary repairs. Here are a couple of maintenance tips that will keep your heating system running smooth this winter season.


Each year vacuum or use a small sweeper to clean the area around the blower area of the furnace. The dust can thicken, so using a small toothbrush to clean off the fan’s blades and then vacuuming the particles may help. While inside the furnace, lubricate any dry parts of the motor if an oil port is present. This should be done once a year. Since areas tend to rust over time, using a rust proof paint can prevent system freezing at the line joints. Changing filters also optimizes the furnace’s performance. A dirty filter causes strain on your system causing it to work harder at heating your home.


This may seem minor when it comes to thermostat settings, but it makes all the difference. Your settings will allow your heating unit to continuously run, or run only when needed. The automatic setting prevents the fan from running all the time. By allowing it to only run when needed, you cut down on energy and extends the life of the furnace. It also eliminates having to clean the ducts frequently. Having your system’s fan repaired can turn into a big expense.

If you are in the Canton, Georgia area, and still experience issues after maintaining your furnace, you may need to contact a specialist at Green Heating and Cooling at 770-479-2844. There may be things you cannot fix yourself such as the following:

  1. Your furnace runs, but there is no heat.
  2. Your furnace powers off and on too much.
  3. You only hear the motor running or straining to run.
  4. There are popping, knocking or rattling noises coming from the furnace.

Contact Green Heating and Cooling – Canton’s Heating Repair Experts

Being able to do your own repairs saves you money and time, but never try to fix a heating system if you are unsure of how to do your own repairs.  Call Green Heating and Cooling at 770-479-2844.