Time for a repair?

Best HVAC Repair Services in Canton, GA

At Green Heating & Cooling, we specialize in repairs for furnaces and central HVAC units. With the summer season in full swing, it is not uncommon for your unit to need a repair, especially if it is a few years old. The Georgia heat is hard to keep up with, but Green Heating & Cooling is prepared to keep you comfortable and cool. Our technicians are professionally trained and equipped with the knowledge to diagnose your system and provide you with any parts needed.

How do I know when my system needs serviced?

The longer you let a broken system run, the more problems you will have in the future. HVAC systems are one of the biggest investments in your house and the last thing you need is to replace the system too often due to overuse and broken parts. If you can keep track of the typical signs of a broken AC, you can prolong the life of your system. Here are a few reasons why you should call Green Heating & Cooling:

  • Inconsistent temperatures: your system should keep your house at the set temperature!
  • Warm air: If you feel warm air coming out of your vents, you may need a technician.
  • Smell or sound: Your unit should not be loud or smelly; these are both signs of a problem!
  • Constant running: your system should not be running 24/7. This is overworking the system and should be looked at by a technician.
  • Humidity issues: Your system should control your home’s humidity levels. If you notice an increase during the summer months, the unit is not doing its job.
  • Leak: Noticed a leak near your unit or around your vents? This is a big sign of an internal issue and should be diagnosed as soon as possible.

If you experience any of these symptoms, Green Heating & Cooling is ready to tackle your issue and make you as comfortable as possible in your home. We pride ourselves in our customers’ trust and loyalty as we seek to meet any and all of your needs. Call us today to speak to a technician or schedule a service call today. The sooner you are cooler, the happier we all are!