Heat Pump

Gear up for Winter

Are you ready for the cold season to kick in? Green Heating and Air encourages our customers to prepare their homes for the winter by maintaining, fixing, or replacing their heating systems. Many have family come into town, and the unpredictable, southern winter can put a dampener on plans. Keep your loved ones warm and comfortable during the holiday season with Green Heating and Air. Our technicians are prepared for the cold front and the need for quality heating systems. A heat pump is a great way to go as well.

What is a Heat Pump?

Is heat pump just a fancy word for an HVAC system? Not exactly! Heat pumps are significantly different than air conditioning systems. A normal air conditioning system only provides cooling and requires a furnace to be paired with it for both heat and cool. A heat pump is one system that provides both heating and cooling. It is run on electricity, rather than gas, and is popular in the south due to its energy-saving abilities when temperatures are above freezing. Heat pumps typically require less servicing but can be a larger cost upfront. This investment pays off in the energy saved and limited repairs. Heat pumps are becoming extremely preferred over normal HVAC systems, and Green Heating and Air have been professionally installing them for years.

Maintaining your Heat Pump

You may have a working heat pump, but the last time it was functioning around the clock could have been as long ago as February! After months of inactivity, your heat pump could use an inspection and cleaning to ensure quality and efficient heat when you need it. A maintenance call is for a working system that may need a deep cleaning to ensure it will continue to work throughout the winter; faulty and broken parts can be replaced at this time to prevent issues or damage down the road. At Green Heating and Air, we offer single-time services and year-round maintenance agreements. Below are the most important aspects our technicians will inspect on every visit:

  • Indoor Air Quality- Air Filter
  • Ductwork Functionality
  • Coil
  • Additional Parts
  • Electrical Connections
  • Safety Switches
  • Visual and Audio Electric Heat

Each maintenance visit doesn’t take more than a few hours and can guarantee you a warm winter and long-lasting heat pump. The more you have your heat pump maintained, the longer it will last and the less money you will spend on service calls and broken parts.

Installing or Replacing a Heat Pump

If your heat pump is nearing the end of its lifespan, or you don’t have a heating system, installing a new heat pump could be the best new investment in your home. Each year, Green Heating and Air gives quotes and installs new heat pumps in a matter of days to keep our customers warm and happy. Installing a heat pump begins with a free in-home quote to decide what fits your home, budget, and lifestyle best. An old heat pump is unreliable and will only cost you more money in repairs this winter. For many, replacement is a smart investment and the mnext step for their home. We are happy to visit your home and inspect your current system to give our professional advice.

Bryant Heat Pumps
We are a Bryant Authorized Factory Dealer and recommend Bryant products to our customers. Their products are efficient, durable, and have been around for over a century.

Bryant offers three types of heat pumps with multiple models of each: Evolution, Preferred, and Legacy. The Evolution models are their top product with the highest seer ratings.

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Calling Green Heating and Air may be your best decision yet! We are prepared to offer you our best customer service, professional advice, and efficient HVAC service. We can answer questions, give free in-home quotes, inspect your current system, provide maintenance, and inspect any issues you may be having. Our customers are our top priority, and we want you to have the best holiday season possible!