Gear up for Green’s HVAC Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service By Green Heating and Cooling

As September rolls around, we start thinking about cooler weather and fall leaves. With summer coming and going, sooner or later it will be time to turn on the heat. Our priority at Green Heating and Cooling is to keep our Canton Georgia customers comfortable and healthy all winter long. As it gets cooler, service calls begin and so many systems need repairs. Don’t wait—your family will thank you for being proactive and maintaining the system before the season begins. By becoming our maintenance service customers, you won’t spend one night cold. We provide priority to our maintenance customers if they were to have a heating issue. With so many benefits, why wouldn’t you schedule your next visit today?

What is Fall Maintenance?

You may realize the importance of HVAC maintenance, but what really is it? If you are investing your money, you want to know what services will be performed and how they will benefit you. Here are a few things done for fall maintenance checks.

• Ductwork Inspection—Your ductwork is what circulates air to all rooms. If it is broken or dirty, you may have problems producing airflow which can negatively affect the system itself.
• Inspection of the Blower Motor and Coil—We like to run your system to listen and look for anything unnatural.
• Cleaning of the Coil—Keeping your coil clean reduces energy consumption and allows the equipment to run more efficiently. This part tends to dirty easily and is not an ideal part to have to replace if damage were to occur.
• Monitoring the Electrical Parts—A good way for our technicians to predict any future issues with the system is to run and check the electrical components like the voltage and amperage. Ensuring these are strong can reduce middle of the season breakdowns.
• Cleaning of the Line and Pump—The drain system is a common problem we see on repair calls. Allowing the line to get clogged can cause water damage to your house. Imagine a water leak in the middle of peak season—checking these can reduce this probability significantly.
• Inspect Safety Switches–During the fall, we check the safety switches to be sure no one in the home could be in any danger. Electrical equipment can be dangerous when faulty!
• Inspect Gas or Electrical Heating—Listening for any strange noises and looking for loose parts when running the heat can help prevent issues when turning the system on. Ensuring everything is running smoothly can lower your electric costs.
• Carbon Monoxide check—If you are using gas heating, issues with the system while in operation can cause leaks that can be of a health concern. Knowing your family is not susceptible to toxic fumes can bring you immense peace of mind.

So, Why should I sign up?

You may not be savvy in the HVAC field, so you may want to know how the inspections listed above actually help you and your family. Here are the four biggest reasons you should consider a maintenance plan:

  • You will see significantly less service calls and need for repair on your system. Even if you do need a service technician, we offer discounted rates to our maintenance customers.
  • Your power bill will decrease. Systems that run for years with no inspections do not run efficiently, even if they are working okay. That can cost you hundreds over time in high energy bills. HVAC maintenance ensures your system is working at its optimal level.
  • Your system’s lifespan can be extended. A well taken care of system will significantly outlive systems that ran inefficiently without maintenance. Imagine getting three more years out of an expensive system—sounds like a good enough reason to us!
  • The safety of you and your loved ones will be ensured. No one loves when their system is making a weird smell, or dust is accumulating. A home is meant to be a shared, safe place. Dirty air or toxic fumes can hinder that feeling; safety is our number one concern at Green. During our visits, we do perform all the checks to ensure the system is operating safely.
Winter is right around the corner…

Now is the time to schedule your HVAC maintenance check. It is most effective when done before you turn the heat on, and we are able to work around your busy schedule. Our technicians are experts at all things maintenance and are eager to serve you today. They are all licensed and professionally trained to provide you with quality customer and HVAC service. Call us today to ask any questions, sign up for a maintenance plan, get pricing, and hopefully schedule your fall visit! Green Heating and Cooling can’t wait to make you the next member of our HVAC family.