Funny Furnace Smells Canton GA

Possible Reasons Why Your Furnace Smells Funny When It First Turns On

Funny Furnace Smells


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Furnaces and heating systems are fueled by gas or electricity.  It is important to know which heating system your home has so you can determine what the different funny smells could be related to.  Each year when the temperatures get cold in Canton, GA, your thermostat will tell your home’s heating system to heat up and warm the home.  Thankfully, most of time there aren’t make issues in the heating process.  However, if you smell funny odors, you need to get your home’s heating system inspected and maintained as soon as possible.


When your furnace first turns on, the funny smells could have several different reasons ranging from normal to serious. Here are the possible reasons for funny smells coming from your furnace.

  • Musty Odors
    • After months of inactivity, dust builds up on your home’s furnace.  Initially, that dust will burn off when your furnace first comes on.  This smell should only last for one to two hours.  If you notice the smell that continues longer than two hours, please call Green Heating and Cooling for an inspection and maintenance appointment.  In the future, to avoid this smell each winter season, schedule your home’s heating system tune-up right before cold weather sets in.  The heating technician can clean the furnace to minimize this type of smell.  Musty odors may also indicate that your home’s filter needs to be changed.
  • Electrical Smell
    • If you smell an electrical type of smell, this could be a very serious issue.  This could signify a overheated furnace motor, cracked heat exchanger, or burning plastic within the unit.  If you notice this electrical smell for longer than one day, please call Green Heating and Cooling as soon as possible to protect your heating system and your family.
  • Rotten Egg Smell
    • If your home’s heating system uses gas, then you need to make sure your don’t smell rotten eggs during the heating process.  Natural gas doesn’t naturally have an odor.  But, gas companies include a chemical that smells like rotten eggs.  If you smell this type of smell, turn off your home’s heating system immediately, evacuate your home, and call 911.
  • Moldy Odors
    • Mold is a very serious issue.  If you smell a moldy type of smell, call Green Heating and Cooling for an inspection.  The heating technician will be able to determine if it’s related to the furnace, duct work, or from another source.


If you have any heating concerns, please call Green Heating and Cooling of Canton GA at 770-479-2844 for your inspection soon.