Fighting Germs Using UV Light

Fighting Germs using UV Light


Germs include molds, bacteria, viruses, fungus, etc. They exist in your homes though you cant see them with your naked eyes, you need a strong microscopic equipment to do that. Germs can cause diseases like flu, fungal infections, bacterial infections among others. It is therefore necessary to control them and avoid being ill. One of the ways that effectively destroying these organisms is the application of UV light.


Ultraviolet light is that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that falls in between the X Ray and Visible light. It is classified into various divisions namely: Vacuum UV, Far UV, UVC, UVB, and UVA with respect to their wavelengths. It can break down matter into tiny particles. Once in contact with these organisms (germs), it breaks down their DNA that eventually kills them.

Sources of UV light
The main natural source is the sun. Other sources that are artificial include: curing lambs, halogen lights, mercury vapor lambs, fluorescent sources among others.

UV light in Homes
Germicidal lambs emit UVC light that is normally used to kill the germs in your homes. Apart from that, other systems are used to kill micro-organisms. They are mainly fixed at specific positions inside your homes, for example, inside the ducts, room heaters especially indoor coils, or that air conditioner.

Benefits of UV lighting in Killing germs in Canton, GA
Improving the air quality in the house or rooms leading to less germs and eventually you are not likely to get ill. UV light also keeps some of your systems like heating systems, cooling systems, your air ducts, and drainage systems clear of molds that block them. Furthermore, these house systems stay clean.

You also have to note that you can now relax comfortably in your house back in Canton, GA knowing that UV light protects you from unnecessary allergies, or flu. You haven’t given much thought to installing theses systems, its high time you contact a trusted dealer like Green Heating and Cooling.