Cleaner Air Bryant Double Bulb UV Light

Cleaner Air With The Bryant Double Bulb UV Light



No matter how high quality the air filter in your home’s HVAC system is, it simply can’t protect you against everything. Should moisture get into your duct system, nasty strains of mold and also mildew can proliferate unchecked. Fortunately, you can effectively destroy such health concerns–along with everything else from the common cold also to nasty flu germs–through the installation of a Bryant Double Bulb UV Lamp. This article will explore the enormous benefit of this incredible HVAC accessory.

Basic Idea 

The Bryant Double Bulb UV lamp is installed inside of your air handling system, next to the cooling coil. There is exposes all of the air that circulates through your home to the disinfecting power of ultraviolet light, which is capable of killing virtually any microorganism. In other words, a Bryant Double Bulb UV lamp effectively sterilizes all of the air you breath, also ensuring that you won’t be negatively affected by unwanted bugs.

Sterilizes Cooling Coil  – UV Light

The proximity of the Bryant Double Bulb UV lamp to your cooling coil is no accident. You see, the cooling coil is a common place for mold and mildew to grow, since it generates a good deal of condensation as its cools your air’s home. But the light of a Bryant UV lamp is capable of sterilizing the entire cooling coil. That means that nasty microorganisms won’t even have a chance to proliferate–let alone get into your air stream.

Low Energy Demand

The best part about a Bryant Double Bulb UV lamp is that it is able to perform its stated task without putting a dent in your monthly energy bill. Incredibly, this amazing HVAC accessory is able to fulfill its goal while using no more electricity than a standard 75-watt light bulb. That means that, once your new Bryant Double Bulb UV lamp is in place, you can enjoy true peace of mind for only pennies a month.


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