Choosing Best Programmable Thermostats Fall Season

Choosing the Best Programmable Thermostats for the Fall Season




In northern Georgia, autumn is a particularly volatile time for temperatures. In the same 24-hour period, you might need air conditioning working hard to keep things comfortable in the day; while the heater needs to work just as hard the very same night.

That means setting up a programmable thermostat for your home in northern GA is more important. And potentially higher on energy savings than many places in the country. As those temperatures suddenly fluctuate from one extreme to another, a good programmable thermostat will quickly and efficiently provide the exact amount of energy expenditure to keep you and your family comfortable.


Before you even ask, here’s the answer. The Bryant® Wi-fi Thermostat Model T2-WHS is the best programmable thermostat for home use.

This always-online, wi-fi capable thermostat displays the 4 day local weather forecast, so you know what’s coming up at a glance. It has the usual long-term programmable features, with different profiles swapped over a 7-day cycle. And that data is available, and changeable, anywhere you have an internet connection.

One of the key innovations of this model is the pop-up notifications for filter-changes (based on actual uptime, or scheduled alerts, your choice) and service reminders. The top reason to change to a programmable thermostat system is to save money, and these alerts make sure you continue supporting the most energy-efficient plan for your home.

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This is, without a doubt, the best of the programmable thermostats for the fall season. If you’re curious about how you can save energy in your north GA home, contact us at Green Heating and Cooling and our experienced staff (in business since 1971!) will answer any questions you have.