Best Furnace Replacement Option

Best Furnace Replacement Option


Bryant Evolution Furnace

Evolution Variable Speed Gas Furnaces come with the double benefits of ultimate comfort; and also highest fuel efficiency. This saves you on utility costs. The furnaces guarantee maximum comfort with consistent temperature control and also variable speed air flow; a perfect suite for the seasonal climate in Canton.


There are two models of the furnace available. The Model 987M and the Model 986T. Both the models meet Energy Star® guidelines for high efficiency in all sizes. The Model 987M has a 98.3% AFUE efficiency. (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). The precise gas modulation on the furnace supplies the right amount of heat for high energy efficiency. The Model 986T has a 96.5% AFUE efficiency and comes with two-stage operation which allows longer heating cycles on the low stages for comfort and energy savings. The variable speed airflow feature on the furnaces ensure perfect humidity control in accordance with the changing seasons. When the temperate touches 90 degrees during summer days, SmartEvap™ technology on the furnaces provides additional summer dehumidification alongside a compatible air conditioning system.


Now, coming to the advantages of the variable speed furnaces, these furnaces are designed to accurately regulate airflow for better control of temperature, humidity, and also air distribution. They operate in increments of their full capacity. Since a household in Canton need a furnace to work at its full capacity, variable speed furnaces determine the needs of the house intelligently and also adjust their output, thus saving monthly utility bills. During summer, when coupled with an air conditioner, these furnaces recognize the high humidity in air and also initiate dehumidification mechanisms, thus giving a cooling effect.

When they are operating at low capacities, they also slowly circulate the air in house with least energy consumption, so that more air passes through their filter ensuring cleaner air in the house. To sum up, the variable speed furnaces turn the houses in Canton into smart-houses, with their intelligent temperature, humidity, and also air distribution control systems all the while saving monthly utility bills with their high efficiency.

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