Benefits of Wi-Fi Thermostat


Winter is HERE in Canton, GA! This February Green Heating and Cooling want to offer you convenience and also indoor comfort all at the touch of a button with a Bryant Wi-Fi thermostat. Green Heating and Cooling are your Canton, Georgia Bryant factory provider. We are your #1 heating and cooling team. Your thermostat serves as a communicator to your entire HVAC system. It reads the current temperature in your home and tells your heating system when to turn on and off. However, Wi-Fi thermostats do much more now providing convenience, comfort, and also cost savings. Winter is the perfect time to replace or update your thermostat to a Bryant thermostat from Green Heating and Cooling.


The winter months in Canton, Georgia is like a roller coaster of frigid mornings, warm days and equally cool nights. Like many homeowners in Georgia, the constant up and down battle with your thermostat to reach your desired temperature can be a headache. While there are many reasons to upgrade and replace your thermostat here are the top 5.

1. Your thermostat to close to a heat source.
2. Your thermostat is not located in the central location of your home.
3. Your thermostat is placed in direct sunlight.
4. Your thermostat is old, inaccurate, or broken.
5. Your thermostat is not Energy-Star certified

With a Bryant Wi-Fi Thermostat from Green Heating and Air, you no longer have to deal with inconvenience or delayed comfort. The Bryant thermostat allows you access to control your indoor comfort from anywhere there is Wi-Fi access. This means you have complete control of your comfort. Most importantly, you can make necessary adjustments when needed. The Bryant thermostat puts efficiency, performance, and also technology in the palm of your hands. In addition, it also offers a Connect Contractor Portal that will allow us remote access to your HVAC systems diagnostics, ensuring complete comfort year-round. Other benefits include:

  • Color Screen with Weather Display
  • Ideal Humidity and also Hybrid Heat Technology
  • One Button Touch-N-Go
  • Energy Star Certification
  • 3 Zone Panel System
  • Amazon, Alexa Compatibilty
  • 7 Day Schedule Programming
  • 5-Year Limited Parts and Warranty
  • Auto Change Over from Heating and Cooling
  • Lower Monthly Utility Bills

Green Heating and Cooling Bryant Wi-Fi Thermostat Installation –Canton, GA

For almost 50 years and counting, Green Heating and Cooling offer the highest quality Wi-Fi thermostat installation in and around Canton, Georgia. We are committed to providing superior service with excellent products like Bryant. Our technicians are honest, reliable and above all trustworthy professionals. We offer a free estimate and affordable pricing. Most importantly, we always guarantee complete customer satisfaction. At Green Heating and Cooling, we put our customers first. Our efforts will always be to exceed our customers expectations. Now is the time to ensure your comfort and also your convenience with a Bryant Wi-Fi thermostat from Green Heating and Cooling. Contact us today and schedule your Bryant Wi-Fi installation!