Benefits of HVAC System Replacement

Benefits of HVAC System Replacement




Clowns, witches and scary things are part of the fun at Halloween. This Halloween isn’t just about costumes and candy; but also ensuring your home with a new air conditioner and heating system replacement for the upcoming winter season. We are Green Heating and Cooling your number one Canton, Georgia HVAC company. We have a great deal on a Bryant New Evolution System. Therefore we are offering a free estimate. We also never recommend system replacement unless its necessary. Not sure if you are in need of a new air conditioner and heating replacement? Look below at some reasons for replacement and benefits.


• Air Conditioner and Heating System is 10+ Years Old: Is your comfort system is over 10 years old? If so there is a good chance that it’s using more energy and beginning to enter the frequent breakdown phase. Replacing your system with a new high efficiency system will lower your energy usage. It will also help avoid costly repairs, and avoid the inconvenience of system failures. Especially during the cold winter months that are about to come.

• Frequent Breakdowns: If you are experiencing frequent breakdowns this is a good indication that it is time to replace your heating and cooling system. As compressors and motors age, they begin to work harder, use more energy and also overheat. This creates constant problems and the need for frequent repairs. With a new air conditioner and heating installation you will save money on costly repairs and also have peace of that, your comfort system is efficient and reliable.

• Increasing Energy Bills: If you have noticed a steady increase in energy bills this means that motors and compressors are starting to fail and require more electricity to make them work. Making your system working harder and running longer. With a new system replacement not only will your system be more efficient but will save you money with lower your utility bills.

Other Benefits

• Fluctuation of Room Temperatures: If you have noticed an inconsistency in temperature from room to room, this is a good indication that your heating and cooling system is starting to fail. With a new system replacement, you will be able to experience guaranteed comfort in all rooms of your home or office.

• Humidity Problems: If you have noticed mold or mildew in your home this means, your system is starting to lose capacity. Mold and mildew are not just displeasing to look at but they can cause serious health problems. Having a new system replacement means having a safer cleaner home that helps keep your family healthy.


It’s Halloween and at Green Heating and Cooling we don’t dress up our service or our products. We offer the highest quality installation in the business and also take pride in being in the elite category of Bryant factory authorized dealers. At Green Heating and Cooling we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. It’s our pleasure to go to great lengths to make sure your air conditioner and heating replacement is the right size and efficiency. We are here to suit all your comfort needs. We have been in the heating and air conditioning business since 1971. This Halloween give yourself a treat and call us; Green Heating and Cooling for your pre-season system replacement installation. Contact us, now!