Benefits of Dual Fuel Heating System Canton GA

Benefits of Dual Fuel Heating System


Dual Fuel Heating Canton GA

Dual fuel heat pumps save money and and are also efficient. When it comes to cooling and heating in chilly climates like this winter in Canton GA they are important.  These systems also generate cold air in summer. The warm air is funneled out which results to a greater savings throughout the year. This also makes it an environmental friendly product to the homeowners of Canton GA. Not to mention its easy and efficient system way of installing the system.

The efficiency heat pump’s ratings air called Seasonal efficiency ratio (SEER). This is usually ranged from 13 to 21 to (SEER).The rating for heat pump heating cycle is called heating seasonal Performance factor (HSPF). It usually range from 6.5 to 9.9(HSPF). Note that, the greater the Seasonal Energy Efficiency ratio and also Seasonal Performance Factor rating the more your dual fuel will be efficient.


Bryant’s Hybrid Heat dual fuel system combines the gas furnace strengths with an electric heat pump. This combination delivers both comfort and also efficiency. Which gives you more control over your utility bills. As outdoor winter temperatures change in Canton, GA, the hybrid heat system automatically switches between heat pump and furnace to utilize the most cost-effective fuel source.


Green Heating and Cooling recommends that Canton homeowners purchase the most efficient system that is affordable. As time goes by the more you save your money because of the heating system efficiency. This type of technology makes it more conducive for a lot of homeowners to use in Canton GA.

Dual fuel heat pumps are also versatile because they provide an electric and gas furnace benefits especially where temperatures are sometimes known to be above freezing point, electric heat pump is recommended. To add on this, on severe winter periods, the capacity of the heat pump drops because of the cold temperature and then the forced air furnace comes in and takes over automatically in order to provide a stable heating comfort.

It is a cost-effective product because its like acquiring two systems at once hence making it a worthwhile investment despite its high cost of purchase. It is set up in a way that an electric heat pump ii utilized for a longer period, this helps manage costs.

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