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Save Money With The Proven Aeroseal Diagnostic Air Duct System



Air Duct Repair Canton

When it comes to air duct sealing, no technology currently in the market can beat the tried and tested Aeroseal diagnostic air duct system. This revolutionary air duct sealing technology has been proven to reduce duct leaks by up to 90%. What’s more exciting for you is that this technology is now readily available for your use, right here in Canton, GA from Green Heating and Cooling. 


The Aeroseal diagnostic air duct sealing, a patented technology, seals leaks in your ductwork.It does so by the injection of aerosolized sealant particles into the pressurized duct system. It works ingeniously by sealing the holes in your duct system from the inside out. This offers protection by up to 65% of an inch, creating an impervious seal. The air duct sealing polymer particles used in this system are environmentally friendly. They are also perfectly safe. Furthermore this technology comes bundled with a 10 year warranty. Are you are a home owner in and around Canton, Ga, and you have been suffering from damaged ductwork? You need not worry any more as your solution has arrived.


Aeroseal diagnostic air duct sealing system will save you bucks. Studies have shown that duct work that is not properly sealed reduces the energy efficiency of the system by a large margin. This means that this air duct sealing system will make you save the bucks that you use to purchase the fuel that you use for your central heating and cooling system. Even as it helps you save money, this novel system actual solves ventilation and air flow issues. Specifically in large commercial building blocks.

Canton’s Aeroseal Experts – Green Heating and Cooling

So now you can sleep easy in Canton, Ga assured that there is a solution to your ductwork problems right next door. All that you have to do is to simply contact Green Heating and Cooling at 770-479-2844. We will send one of our climate engineers to come over to your house or commercial block and make an assessment of the requirements of your unit. Aeroseal’s certified technicians will use the Duct Investor to compute the potential energy savings you stand to gain by using the system. Sign up now for Aeroseal at Green Heating and Cooling’s office in Canton, Ga. Save up to 40% on your energy bill, (according to the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA ) and also enjoy comfort and convenience at an affordable price. Contact us today. We are here to serve you.