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Air Conditioning Terms that You Need to Know



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It is necessary to know certain important facts before you purchase an air conditioning system for your home and also your office. Therefore as a resident of Canton GA you must have knowledge about the scientific terms. They wil lead to better functioning of the air conditioners. The terms are related to each other and they also have a relation in between them. Trust the local HVAC choice in Canton, GA, and also the surrounding areas. Green Heating and Cooling.


The terms and also their correlation are explained below:

(SEER): A rating of SEER is a unit is defined as the ration of the output of cooling during a cooling session; to the entire input of energy on that particular period. In the US, SEER is termed as the total ratio of the amount of cooling in a unit called British thermal unit; to the total used energy in the form of the watt per hour.

(EER): This is the ration of the amount cooling output energy of the air conditioner. SEER is used in all AC measurements.


The homeowners of Canton GA must be aware of the basic terms of the system of air conditioning. This will erase any doubts regarding the power of efficiency of the air conditioning system. Not only the looks and the features but the people of Canton must also have a clear knowledge about the terms. These are related to the efficiency measurement of the air conditioning system they are purchasing one. Call today! Trust our experience. We are here to serve you. We are your local choice for HVAC needs in Canton, GA, and also the surrounding areas. Contact us for your appointment today.