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Aeroseal Duct Sealing – Air Duct Sealing




Air conditioning repair and duct sealing may be the answer to a couple of problems that arise in a home’s HVAC system from time to time. If a home has inconsistent temperatures, rooms that are difficult to cool or heat, or even funky, smelly air, then there may be a problem with leaky
ductwork, rather than an expensive air conditioning repair problem.

Aeroseal duct sealing can make a home cleaner, more comfortable and more energy-efficient as winter swings into high gear. In may parts of the country, the temperatures have plummeted to the 30’s already this early in the year!

Home owners in those areas are already noticing inconsistent temperatures and the odd smells. Which means they are calling air conditioning repair techs to look at the problem. The inspector should pay special attention to their ductwork for leaks, paying close attention to connections at ceilings, walls and floors.

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While a homeowner can do an initial assessment, it is wise to get a professional duct inspection from a certified air conditioning repair contractor, who should seal any leaks with mastic-type sealant or metal tape. Any diy-ers who like to tackle this on their own needs to be certain they are getting the right kind of tape — despite its name, “duct tape” is not ideal for this kind of work. (Similarly, leave any air conditioning repair work to the professionals.)
Sealing leaky ducts can have a great benefit to a home:

The problem of inconsistent temperatures likely will disappear once the ducts are no longer losing cooled or heated air to leaks in ductwork.  The system will be able to deliver the proper temperature throughout the house. Many people think this is an expensive air conditioning repair problem, but it is usually a simple solution.

Contaminants, including unpleasant odors, will not be able to get into the ducts and blown into the living areas in your home. The indoor air quality will be improved with duct sealing, because it cannot take in dirt and dust. It may be necessary to have an air conditioning repair tech clean out the
ducts, but this stops future odors.

With good air flow through your ducts, the system will not have to work as hard. That means energy
savings, which can help both the home owner’s budget and the environment. It also means avoiding expensive air conditioning repair visits.

Sealing leaks can make your family safer by ensuring that combustible gases from gas appliances are properly vented outdoors. Leaky ductwork can cause “back drafting,” in which these gases are pulled
into the home’s living spaces.

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Get great all-around benefits with annual preventive maintenance to ensure a clean, comfortable and energy-efficient system. Call Green Heating and Air today to have your ducts looked at!

Remember, it is important to let a qualified and licensed air conditioning repair technician handle this work, to make sure it is done properly.