5 Signs Invest New Furnace

5 Signs That You Should Invest In a New Furnace




When a heating system breaks down before the winter, the results can be catastrophic. Luckily, there are a number of signs that you can use to decide when it’s time to replace your old heating system for a brand new one.

Thinking it might be time to invest in a dependable furnace?

Read on to discover our 5 signs that your furnace needs to be replaced.

1. Your furnace is 20 years old or more

The age of your furnace is a useful predictor. The older it is, also the more breakdowns you’ll likely experience each year. While regular maintenance does a lot to stretch the life of a heating system, there’s only so much it can do until the cost of repair outweighs the price of a new heating systems.

2. Your heating bills are rising

Furnaces tend to lose efficiency as they age. If you’ve noticed your heating bills crawling up and up with every winter month, but your usage has stayed roughly the same, that’s an important clue that your heating system is losing the ability to effectively heat your home.

3. High cost to repair

When your heating system breaks down, whether due to age or not, sometimes it’s just not worth shelling out for repairs when you could get a new heating system that incorporates the latest technologies for just a little bit more. If the repair requires that you pay 50% of the cost of a new heating system or more, it’s worth going with the new heating system instead.

4. Increased carbon monoxide emissions

As natural gas furnaces break down with age, they risk leaking more and more carbon monoxide. Check to see if your gas burner flame is still blue. A yellow flame means you’re at risk and should definitely consider replacing your furnace.

5. Your house is colder and the air is dustier

An inefficient older furnace won’t heat your house nearly as well as it used to. In addition, it also can lead to dustier, mustier air. A new furnace will improve the quality of air in your home and make it warmer, leading to a much better standard of living for you and your family in the winter.

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