5 Benefits of a Preferred Air Purifier

5 Benefits of a Preferred Air Purifier



You work hard to keep your family healthy with exercise and healthy food choices.  But how often do you think about your home’s air quality?  You’ve heard of air purifiers, but aren’t really sure how they work, or if it’s a good investment.

What is the Preferred Air Purifier?

Bryant’s Preferred Air Purifier is a system added to your home HVAC that filters the air as it is circulated through the house.  Instead of a portable unit, this system works with your HVAC to improve the air quality throughout the home.  Utilizing the MERV-13 filter, it is quieter than traditional HEPA filters, and is very efficient, eliminating up to 75% of organisms with each circulation.

So, what are the benefits?

  • Reduce reactions to seasonal allergies and asthma:

Here in north Georgia, we know all about seasonal allergies.  We live in a beautiful area, but there is always something blooming, causing itchy eyes, scratchy throats and nasal congestion.  Adding an air purifier reduces the pollen and dust in your home’s air, allowing for easier breathing.

  • Ease pet allergies:

We love our pets, but sometimes their fur, dander, and odors make life hard on family members and house guests.  Vacuuming is effective at removing fur and dander from surfaces, it falls short of eliminating allergens from the air. An air purifier removes many of these irritants from the air, allowing pets and humans to enjoy life together.

  • Avoid colds, viruses and influenza:

These nasty bugs are highly contagious and exposure is often unavoidable.  Air purifiers capture these tiny particles in the air, and aid in reducing these bacteria and viruses in your home.  So even if a family member does become ill, the chance of spreading it to the rest of the family is greatly reduced.

  • Secondhand smoke:  

Have a smoker in the home, or a house guest who smokes?  An air purifier is highly effective in removing the odors and toxins from the air, aiding in protecting non-smokers from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.

  • Eliminate strong odors:

We’ve all done it: burned the popcorn, cooked fish in the oven, or went crazy with the garlic on Italian night, and the only leftovers is the smell permeating the house the next day.  A Preferred Air Purifier can help eliminate these unwanted odors.

How can I find out more?

To learn more about the Preferred Air Purifier, and if it’s right for your family, contact Green Heating and Cooling today!