3 Key Features of the Great New Air Conditioner for Efficient Comfort this Summer

3 Key Features of the Great New Air Conditioner for Efficient Comfort this Summer




There’s a great new air conditioner for comfort: the Evolution® 2-Stage Air Conditioner Model 180B, Bryant Heating & Cooling’s most energy-efficient central air solution. We are your local HVAC choice in Canton, GA, and also the surrounding areas.


With summer coming at us fast, now is the right time to consider your options for a new central air unit for your home. Here are three key features of the 180B that demonstrate why it is one of the best choices for your Canton, GA or also your northern Georgia home:

  1. Efficiency matters for Georgians more than most. Northern Georgia summers are consistently hot throughout the season. Keeping your indoor climate under control day in, day out quickly translates to high energy bills. The Evolution® 180B has two-stage operation, designed to provide longer periods of low stage cycles also without sacrificing comfort. Less energy, more savings.
  2. Match high-humidity summers with the right equipment. In northern Georgia, humidity is a major ongoing issue for homeowners. This is another area where Bryant designed the Evolution® 180B to excel, with enhanced summer dehumidification as a product of its efficient two-stage operation.
  3. Running your AC all day shouldn’t grate on your nerves. The Evolution® 180B uses the AeroQuiet System IITM design to limit the sound generated by the unit. For this model, sound gets as low as 66dB. That’s as quiet as the average household vacuum!

These three features are especially important considerations as summer approaches. But there’s more to the Evolution® 180B that benefits just about anybody: WiFi remote access gives you full control wherever you go, the DuraGuard Plus protection system also protects it against the elements for years to come (backed by a 10-year parts limited warranty), and the use of Puron® refrigerant as an alternative to Freon is efficient andmore environmentally friendly.

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Contact Green Heating and Cooling in Canton, GA for your air conditioner replacement.  A great choice is the Bryant Evolution® 2-Stage Air Conditioner Model 180B.  This AC system is one of the best solutions out there for indoor climate management during seasons as demanding as the northern Georgia summer. Call our highly qualified and also certified team today.