3 Key Benefits of Bryant Evolution System Air Conditioners

3 Key Benefits of Bryant Evolution System Air Conditioners



Many homeowners mistakenly assume that one air conditioning system is more or less just like the next. Unfortunately, this attitude often leads to a host of problems. Not only can it cause decreased comfort but it can also lead to excessive monthly energy bills.

Those who want to get the best of all worlds should strongly consider investing in a Bryant Evolution System air conditioner. Bryant air conditioners have a long, and also continuous record of excellence. This article will explain why by outlining three key benefits of these incredible systems.

Highly Efficient

Bryant’s Evolution System air conditioners utilize a two-stage technology. This allows the air conditioner to operate at two different settings based on the unique cooling needed at any given time. This acts to cut down on the amount of energy the air conditioner consumes when faced with relatively minor cooling tasks.

Single-stage air conditioners are only capable of running at one speed regardless of the particular task at hand. This drives up your energy usage resulting in higher bills. It also contributes to the problem known as short cycling, which will put an excessive amount of wear and tear on your unit.

Environmentally Friendly

All Bryant Evolution Systems air conditioners come stocked with Puron refrigerant. Puron, also known by the generic name of R-410A, also constitutes an environmentally friendly form of refrigerant. Compared to older forms of refrigerant such as Freon, Puron poses little risk to the ozone layer or also other sensitive environmental areas.

Low Volume 

One of the most common complaints homeowners voice about their air conditioners has to do with the noise of operator. In this regard, Bryant air conditioners are a step ahead of the pack. They boast Bryant’s trademarked AeroQuiet System II. It is made up of features like forward-swept fan blades, isolator plates, and also special sound hoods. These components allow Bryant air conditioners to deliver unparalleled results also at incredibly low volumes.

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