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Attic Tents




When your home becomes unexplainably cold during the frosty months of winter, you likely check the home’s heating system to make sure it is running well.  After all, nobody wants to be uncomfortable at home. But what if your home continues to be chilly, even though the system seems to be working well? The cause could stem from other, lesser-known factors in your home. One of these includes your attic and how well it is insulated. If the insulation is low or practically non-existent, you are probably wearing extra layers around the house.

In addition to improving your insulation situation, one of the best solutions to an attic issue like this is to have an attic tent installed. Attic tents are covers that go over the doorway to the attic. They are easily opened for times when you need to access the attic, and then they are sealed right back up again to protect the warmth in your home.

The major benefit of an attic tent is the decreased airflow in your home. Heat quickly escapes the home through the attic when it is not covered properly. The same is true for air conditioning during the summer time. This makes your system work harder, which causes it undue stress and energy exertion, yet you still do not receive the benefits. Energy waste is actually most frequently caused by poor attic coverage, which is why attic tents are so necessary.

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Choosing to install an attic tent from Green Heating and Cooling is a good idea because it saves you money. As you probably know, the more your heating system has to run, the more you pay in utility bills. If it is running constantly to make up for the heat escaping through the attic, your bills take a hike rather quickly. The “green” you save will outweigh the amount spent on the attic tent and more. In fact, it will pay itself off within a couple of years!

The benefits of attic tents do not stop there! An attic tent also improves the air quality in your home. It protects those in the home from being exposed to attic insulation and other particles, which can sometimes cause adverse health conditions. In addition, these tents are versatile and can work with several types of attic doors. They are also easy to open and close, which makes them hassle-free and highly effective.

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