Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance

Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance


Canton Air Conditioning

Inspecting your air conditioning system on a regular basis is important because it improves efficiency. It also reduces carbon emissions, minimizes operating costs, and also reduces energy consumption of the system.


The first step is to evaluate the indoor air quality. This is important because bad indoor air quality can affect the efficiency of the system and affect the health of occupants.

Whenever the system is in operation; contaminants and particles are drawn into the system. Therefore, it is essential to also inspect the ducts. You also need to get rid of contaminants that may cause respiratory problems and make the system inefficient.

Next, the indoor blower needs to be inspected for build-up of dirt. Is the blower is dirt? If so there will be less airflow. This inefficiency will lead to higher costs of operating the system.

The next step is to check if the coils are clean and working optimally. This will reduce energy consumption.

For the electrical components, the Canton GA technician at Green Heating and Cooling checks if the voltage and amperage of each component is okay and make the necessary repairs to ensure that the system works perfectly.

Water damage may cause respiratory problems and ruin structures. Therefore, each inspection in Canton GA also includes cleaning the pump and clearing the condensate line.

For the outdoor unit, condenser coils are the most vulnerable to damage. The air conditioning system assessor checks to ensure that the coils are clean. This avoids high-energy demand from the system.

Finally, the refrigerant level is checked to avoid a compromise on the efficiency of the system.


Following these air conditioning maintenance steps helps to keep your system in good condition for a longer time. This not only reduces energy bills; but also ensures a healthy environment for Canton GA residents. Contact Green Heating and Cooling for your appointment today.