Solutions For Common Air Conditioning Problems Canton GA

Troubleshooting Air Conditioning Problems



Air Conditioning Solutions Canton GA

It is high noon and your beloved air conditioning is sputtering in the background. Its performance is definitely nothing to write home about and you have almost certainly concluded that your air conditioner could be about to give up its ghost!

Relax the underlying problem might be very simple, run a check on the following issues before you throw your hands up in despair.


Although there could be hundreds of potential problems with your home’s air conditioning problems, here’s a list of the common AC issues.

  • Electrical
    • The electrical components in the AC system that could be causing a malfunction.
  • Broken thermostat
    • The implication of this is that the air conditioner can’t register the rise in temperature and hence kick into action.
  • Tripped circuit breakers
    • The danger of this is that in case of a power surge the entire motherboard could end up roasted and the air conditioner might be overheat on account of malfunctioning circuit breakers. This off course affects performance.
  • Broken capacitor
    • A broken capacitor spells one thing, you conditioner can’t come on. The reason for this being that the capacitor acts like a battery and no battery translates to no life.
  • Frozen coil
    • Frozen coils simply mean that current cannot be conducted and if this is the case then the machine will not come on.
  • Low on Refrigerant
    • Refrigerant (also known as Freon) is the chemical that cools the air. Low refrigerant could mean that your system has a leak.
  • Outside unit not working
    • If outside fan doesn’t run, the correct amount of heat transfer will not take place.  As a result, the air conditioning compressor may overheat and trip the safety overload.
  • Clogged vents and clogged pump
    • The former will result in improper air flow whilst the latter might be as a result of low refrigerant. Clogged vents might also be as a result of frozen lines through the air flow system and all these issues basically means that your machine does not perform at the threshold that it is supposed to function.


Some of the issues that are listed above can be sorted out when you consult a DIY (Do It Yourself) manual.  However, some issues need the intervention of a professional. Call on Green Heating and Cooling – your air conditioning expert in the Canton, GA area for air conditioning repair.  Call 770-479-2844 for your repair appointment.