HVAC UV Lights 3 Ways They Help in The Fall

HVAC UV Lights – 3 Ways they Help in the Fall



Before going any further, it is prudent to understand what Ultraviolet (UV) light is. It is an invisible light – to the naked human eye – that has shorter wavelengths compared to the visible light. UV light is grouped into three categories namely near, far and extreme. The categorization is based on wavelength and radiation energy emitted by the waves. The near UV light category is closest to the optical light while the extreme UV light is closest to the X-rays. Far UV light is the least explored of three categories.

What are the types UV lights used for HVAC in fall? There are mainly two types of UV lights -HVAC– air sterilization and coil sterilization. Air sterilization unit is used to sterilize moving air while coil sterilization unit is used to sterilize the air handler coil.

What are benefits?

· They are used for sterilization and disinfection – this means that they destroy or deactivate microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. It prevents them from reproducing by altering their DNA. HVAC lights are used to control mold I the air handler by killing it and improving the general air quality.

· Requires less maintenance – the cost of the bulb is pocket-friendly considering its service life and use. If you have around 60 dollars, you can get a good bulb that will last at least one year before replacing it.

· Utilizes less electrical energy – despite its multiple uses, the cost of energy it uses is not very high. With less than a 100 dollars, you can be guaranteed of UV light for a whole year. Taking into account that you will have an entire year of high-quality air circulating indoor, it is a cheap endeavor.

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The bottom line is that thee lights plays a significant role in ensuring the air quality indoors is of high quality. You can try it firsthand by installing HVAC UV lights this fall.

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