The Importance of a Correctly Sized Air Conditioner for your Home

The Importance of a Correctly Sized Air Conditioner for your Home




For many homeowners in Canton, GA investing and selecting a new air conditioner can be an overwhelming task. Before making a decision to buy a new air conditioner there are many factors that need to be considered and Green Heating and Cooling will help you understand them. Proper sizing is one of the choices; it’s mostly overlooked but it is a crucial factor that needs to be taken seriously.

You will be surprised that although the HVAC industry has a standardized method of sizing an air conditioner; some contractors may use inaccurate methods to size the air conditioner. Improper sizing is one of the mistakes made when buying a new air conditioner. This can have an effect on the efficiency of your air conditioner which in return reduces its life expectancy.

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When it’s time to buy a new air conditioner, it’s wise that you choose the right size. Older space equipment is mostly unreliable and much less efficient as compared to a modern system. The most common mistake when it comes to sizing an air conditioner is over sizing; an oversized air conditioner creates uncomfortable and large temperatures changes in the house. They do not run long enough to dehumidify the air as expected. This in return minimizes the efficiency and comfort while increasing the maintenance and operating cost of the air conditioner.

Do you want to correctly size an air conditioner? You must consider key factors such as; the local climatic condition, size, shape and orientation of your house, the insulation levels, the air infiltration rates, the occupant comfort preferences, the type and efficiencies of lights and also major home electronics. You must also consider the window are, type and also location and the number and ages of occupants.


Homeowners in Canton, GA should insist that manufactures use the correct sizing calculation. The sizing of your air conditioning system is very important and it requires an approved company with skilled professionals.  Contact Green Heating and Cooling for an estimate today!