Fall Heating System Tune-up So Important

Why is a Fall Heating System Tune up So Important?



Summer heat is giving way to milder fall temperatures, which means Winter is right around the corner. Most meteorologists and almanacs are predicting that this year we’re in for a harsh, colder than normal season. That means the time is right for a full heating system tune-up.

Why is regular heating system maintenance so important?

  1. It is important to check wires and the electrical system for integrity. A corroded wire or shorted connection could leave you with a non-functioning unit as temperatures drop. Technicians check the wiring and visually inspect your unit’s control systems for functionality.
  2. Your gas hookups should be checked annually. Gas can be deadly on its own, suffocating your family as they sleep. If a frayed wire arcs near a leak, though, the results can be catastrophic. A professional will check that you have no leaks in your system, and the burners are set to the appropriate levels. This helps save you money.
  3. Heating systems have moving parts that need to be cleaned and lubricated. When these parts seize up, it can lead to expensive repair costs, and a family shivering in the cold until it’s fixed.
  4. Ductwork should be inspected. Cracked and fallen ducts waste your money. You tell the kids you’re not heating the whole neighborhood, but are you? If your house has warm spots in the summer and also cold spots in the winter, you may have a duct problem.
  5. Your system needs cleaning. Dust and dirt can settle in over the months of disuse. When you turn the system back on, that dust is blown out over time onto your family. What’s worse than spring hay fever? Spring hay fever in winter.

Now is the time for a complete heating system tune-up from Green Heating and Cooling. We are proud to be North Georgia’s HVAC professionals. Our courteous, and also trained technicians can service all makes and models. Don’t let a busted heating system cause you to lose your cool, contact Green Heating and Cooling today.